Q: Why does front brake engage on its own after about four miles normal driving? on 1993 Buick LeSabre

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ABS light has been ON for past 4 years but braking has been normal until a few weeks ago. Front pads were replaced about a week ago with right side showing extreme wear, left side about half thickness remaining.

No apparent brake drag - coasts freely. No sound warning brake is engaging, merely car slugs down as if the emergency brake were applied.
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You miss the point. The light is NOT what I worry about! Rather brakes that engage on their own. The light is merely an anomoly which may or may not have significance and therefore reported "for what its worth".
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You have an issue with the front caliper or brake hoses due to uneven brake pad wear from one front wheel to the other. Also if the vehicle is driven before the brakes lock up could indicate brake fluid contimination. I have seen this many times when power steering is put in the master cylinder instead of brake fluid. This happens because brake fluid and power steering fluids are available in similar containers. Not paying attention to what you are doing can cause this to happen.
I have the same exact problem with my 1991 tercel toyota. I was told that it is because the vacum brake booster needs replaced. I have not yet done this. Please let me know how you made out. Good luck.
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