Q: Why do the abs and the traction control lights come on in my 207 Chrysler town a on 2007 Chrysler Town & Country

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The abs and traction control lights started lighting up on our 207 Chrysler Town and Country touring. We were traveling along and the abs light went on. After parking for several hours and restarting the vehicle all was well for about 20 miles then the abs came on again. It did this for a couple of days but being the holiday weekend we can't get it in for service for several more days. Now last night the traction control light came on as well as the abs light. Today both came on immediately on start up. What might be the problem?
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Many sensors are shared by the traction control and brake anti lock system but a scan tool is needed to retrieve codes stored in the computer of your car. Most likely a defective wheel speed sensor but the good news is that even if a fault is sensed the brakes revert back to a fail safe mode that makes the brakes stop as if the car had no anti lock brakes.Get it checked out when you get home.
I agree with the one answer you've gotten but be advised - I have had the problem several times on my 07 T&C with 75K miles. Each time the computer codes indicated the left rear wheel sensor was defective. I have replaced the sensor 3 times within 25K miles and the ABS light is just now going on and off intermittently. No one has an answer yet