Q: why do i only have P R N & 1 forward gear? on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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Was stuck in snow yesterday. today after driving@8 miles I shifted into 4wd. I heard a clunk noise, then the trans began having trouble with gear selection. The indicator light on the shift lever doesn't light up properly. I now have only P,R,N&a forward gear(2nd I think)Service Eng Soon is lit. When it goes into a gear, it clunks. Could this be a result of having snowpacked tightly under the vehicle yesterday?
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if you were stuck in snow and trying to rock it out by shifting reverse and drive constantly, it could have damaged the trans internally. you definitely have an internal failure at this point and need a trans shop to confirm.

I drove it fine for over 2 hours last night and again this morning. I doubt any internal problem. The tow/haul mode selector won't work either
Hobiewaldo, if you know so much why are you asking for help? YOU HAVE INTERNAL PROBLEMS!!! Take it to a PROFESSIONAL!
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