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Q: Why do I have no power from harness to fuel pump? on 2004 Nissan Xterra

No power to fuel pump . Check engine light does not come on and off like it usually does when you turn the key.Car stop running, turns over will not start. Checked harness to fuel pump
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First I need to ask; did you check the pump circuit with the relay engaged, if not sure, the pump will receive power constantly without engine running. You are probably aware of this, but I mention it because I don't know what you have done or not done. The question is a little vague, give me some more information.
He has changed distributor , fuel pump, crankshaft sensor , relays battery . I hope this helps . This is where he thinks might be why car does not start.
No it is not running constantly does not run at all. There is no spark to the plugs . There is power going into the distributor but no spark. Could it be from timing being 180 off? The check engine light does not gone on and off like it used to when the key is put in ? Does this give you more information ?
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I'm sorry, the fuel pump will 'not' continue running without the engine running. (I was thinking it and typed it wrong). It will only run momentarily, to prime the system for initial start up. The relay would have to be jumped to check power to fuel pump. If everything was good, there would be spark even if the timing was 180deg out, it would just not start and run. I just woke up let me wake up so I can Think.
Hi there ,
Wondering if you have any other suggestions I might be overlooking or missed to get the Xterra to start.
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Sorry; Had to help with Grandson's birthday party yesterday. Got in late, Did you jump the relay and check for fuel pump operation? The check engine light not coming on bothers me, is the crank sensor connector plugged in good and good connection?
No problem. The check engine light bothers him too. He is never around when a reply comes through so I answer what I can . I do know he checked relays and are all good. Ias far as the task you mentioned, I will have to get back to you as I a not sure. Again your on line help is greatly appreciated .
The crankshaft sensor connector is new, does it have to be at a certain depth? Is there a washer that goes between it? Or put on on and torque down. I wasn't sure how deep it should go down. Could that be the problem?
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It should just seat down to bolt bracket, no washer. With the eng light not working makes me feel like the computer might be bad. Can you scan data and see if crank sensor is working by watching the RPM's, see if the TP angle/voltage is responding. In general see if you can read any data or if it says no communication. Sorry been sick last night and mostly today.
I erased the codes took a drive parked the car for 15 mins and it hasn't started since,that was three months ago. Hope your feeling better
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At this point I would have to put some meters on it to see where the problem is. It seems as if we're spinning our wheels and not accomplishing a thing. IT really needs to be tested, I'm sitting here thinking of the possibilities and I need some data to answer any further. If the fuel pump is the only problem, then you should be able to spray some good carburetor cleaner into the intake and it should hit and try to start. after that I need some more data. PS right now in this cold I really miss Camp Pendleton.
Hi Professor G., Can I tell you he has been spinning his wheels with this 2004 xterra. He is on a job today and will not be able to get to yesterday's suggestion until this evening or tomorrow. It has been in the 80's everyday since at least Christmas! You know
what they say "San Clemente had the best climate in the world ! " thanks again for help will get back to you with results.
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You bet. I was born and raised in Tulare Ca. North of Bakersfield so I'm familiar with the weather. All I hated was doing security for Nixon. Let me know.
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