Q: why do I have 3 "throddle like" cables ? on 1993 Ford Thunderbird

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Ok so my nephew calls me to tell me the throddle linkage broke on the car but he can duck tape it to bring it over. instead i go over & see that his throddle linkage is fine but a linkage cable under the top ones is disconnected. It looks like it use to have some kind of contact to the end of fastener & it doesn't have the clip to connect it back. (C clip?) so question is .. is this a trans kickdown cable? (it's a automatic) also am i missing anything other then the clip?
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This is the Throttle Valve (TV) cable.

This cable is not a kick down cable, rather it is essential to provide proper information to the transmission (vacuum operated AOD) to provide proper shift points and pressures.

The disconnect occurred when the grommet that secures the cable on the throttle broke. Immediately replace that grommet, or the transmission will quickly be damaged by driving it. The grommet is available at any Ford dealership for about $10 or less.
Sounds like a kickdown cable for the trans. Should have a plastic clip that snaps over a ball or disc shaped attachment on the throttle body lever. Likely the plastic piece broke. Usually only replaceable by buying the entire cable assembly.
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