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Q: Why did reverse stop working instantly. Had no problems before. Just quit workin on 1996 Mercedes-Benz E320

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No previous problems. Pulled in driveway and never got out of car. Went to back out about 5 minutes after pulling in and no reverse. It is like it is locked up. Never have had any problems All other gears work fine
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sounds like the front drum behind the pump either broke the snap ring or the cover cracked. either way the trans will have to be removed and inspected.
I have been an automatic transmission technician for 30 years. I took over my Dad's shop he started in 1958. Rebuilt over 2,000 transmissions. The answer to your question is: Most anything can happen all of a sudden. Especially if it's almost 20 years old. Now if you say it feels almost as if it's locked up when put into reverse (or hypothetically - like you apply the brake when in reverse & it won't move) that usually indicates that the forward clutches have literally welded together. That means, if you put it in reverse, normally the forward clutches release hydraulically. But now, if these clutches are on mechanically (welded together) it will cause a locked up feel when it's in reverse. Sounds bad? Unfortunately it is. It would be rare if this is not the case. Take it to a reputable place in case it's the rare situation - best advice. Good luck!
Last night I had it where it would move backwards I had to keep giving it a lot of gas but it moved some. The ASR light in lower left part of dash when it comes on that is when it messes up. The yellow light in speedometer does not have a chance to come on but if I can press the switch on switchand the yellow diamond shape comes I do not have any problems with ASR, it runs and shifts fine forward I have replaced the ASR and relay over load switch and mass air flow and battery. If you can help I would appreciate it. I also replaced wiring harness as long as I can keep the yellow diamond shaped light on it does fine with power and shifts like it shouldg except for reverse. I hope you have some anwser. Being on just disability I can not keep trying everything
PLEASE have some advice and what to do
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