Q: why did my CEL start flashing and my car died 10 seconds later? on 2002 Ford Focus

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There was a slight drop in power when accelerating, 5 seconds later my check engine light started flashing. Lasted about 6 flashes and my car shut off at 60 mph. Nothing happens when I try starting the car. And I mean nothing. No dash lights even unless the headlight knob is turned on. Headlights don't come on only the dash and signal lights but they don't blink when the blinkers are activated. Rear lights don't come on either. Hazards work fine. No Ford ding when the keys are in the ignition and the door is open but it dings when the key is off and the headlight knob is on. The radio turns on with the radio power knob but not with the key turned on in the ignition. I unfortunately have not been able to get any codes due to not being able to start my car to get it to an auto store. I will be borrowing a coder and will add more detail when it comes about
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Sounds like a charging system problem or an open circuit from the battery.
Try a jump start.
That was the first thing that was tried last night and no luck but thank you for the suggestion