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Why did my car stall while driving and wont start now?

(1996 Honda Civic)
in Pinellas Park, FL on January 09, 2010
Well I have a 1996 civic with a Integra gsr motor in it but really havent had any engine problems with it besides the high idle.
Just yesterday night i was driving about 30-40 miles an hour when I noticed my lights inside my car dimmed pretty low before my car started to idle erratically and sputter. I tried to level out the idle by giving it some gas but it would just idle for a second then drop really low as if it was going to stall. Then finally my car stalled and I rolled it into a parking spot at some bar. But when it stalled all the lights went off.
When I tried to restart it the power inside the car worked but the engine would just sound like it was going to turn but it wouldnt.

Also, I just replaced the battery with a new one.
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on April 01, 2010
its not your alternator. because your car can run off the battery for about 90 minutes without any accessories on. so i'm going to say your ignition coil or your ignition module its a common problem with the hondas and acuras. so dont worry about your alternator because thats not it get your ignition module tested and your ignition coil.
on January 14, 2010
It sounds like the alternator may not be charging correctly on your 1996 Honda Civic. Proper diagnoses would be necessary to confirm this. Simply replacing the alternator may not correct your problem.
on March 04, 2011
EXACTLY.. u dont want to just run to advance auto parts and grab an alternator just yet.. i was having the same problems with my car.. i was driving down a hill and all the lights in my car went off.. i came to a stop and checked my battery terminals.. they were corroided.. got em cleaned up and fixed .. problem solved
on March 15, 2010
sounds to me that your alternator is shot or you have a short in your wiring system sorry for my splelling
on July 22, 2010
Check this information on diagnosing a car that wont start
on March 02, 2010
My integra 94 ls also had that type of problem but im not 100% it was exactly the same, my car shut off while I was driving because the module in the distributor was burnt. it wouldnt start like you said for about 20-30 minutes. id have someone check everything with your distributor, gl
on June 02, 2010
my car is doing that right now ill drive it and the car will bog down and the rpm gauge fluctuates alot
on September 11, 2010
you might want to make surte filters are clean ! do you run it low on gas this happens all the time miss dianalist, cost alot so if you would like see if autozone has a gas press tool its much like a tire gauge realy easy to elimanate that problwe if the car starts and runs. good luck ... if battery ? altanater is good it will run with battery disconnested . battery bad it will only start with jump but will not stay running with all power lightd ect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on February 11, 2011
OH MAN,,,, I had this...let me guess that you have NEVER replaced the timing belt!?! Happened to me when I was in the process of moving,, car will turn and turn but not start,,, the way a mechanic showed me how he knew it was the timing belt was easy,,, If you have someone crank the engine--have oil cap off and look for any movement inside--no movement--timing belt. If you cant see that way,,you may be able to see with a flashlight and a sparkplug off,,good luck
on March 23, 2012
That is a wonderful theory. I had an issue with my Honda it required the order of a new computer. Take it to Auto Zone they have the best and most accurate test module for the car. if there is a problem with the electrical it will print you an error code p1298 which cover the ELD ( electronic load detector) it will say high voltage output, then it will say short or distorted wire located ( probable cause) because usually it is i had a system in mine and it fried the ELD shortly after replacing the ELD I just for piece of mind went back to the Auto Zone the same error code p1298 came again. This time it read ECM failure which is the electronic control module the computer if it fails all kinds of weird things begin. Like the speedometer failure I would eliminate the cheap stuff Just research it i saved alot of money doing it myself. I had to replace the battery, alternator, ELD, and the computer quite a pain. Fuel pressure, compression and check every fuse. they all work together if one goes out eventually others will. Good luck to you And your O2 sensor infront of the Cadillac converter and behind it. it controls the air and gas mixture well it lets the pump know how much it has to mix.
on September 11, 2010
wow think maybe you should trouble shhoot check to make sure fuel pressure is rightt there is a place for that ! next make sure you got fire there is a throttle pos system dwell meter will give you accurate reading ! if its not tstarting dought the radeiater is the proble but you said it had died and would not staty running so the ist typical for a bad bat ..... or alternater sounds like alot of work but do what you can to alimenate the small shit like fuel firring and bat terminals will caouse the same prob1!!!! new steerio could couse bad connct good luck !!! hopfuly not timming ?????
on September 29, 2010
I drove a 1996 Honda civic in the winter and it did the exact same thing... there is a wiring harness underneath the car that can be knocked out of place on that particular model which will cut power to certain components allowing it to turn over but not start!
on November 26, 2010
ck timing belt ck fuel pump
on January 06, 2011
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