Q: Why did AC air start coming thru defrost vents instead of dashboard vents? on 2006 Ford Crown Victoria

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Every time it is in cooling mode this occurs. Cold air comes out of the defrost vent as well as the floor heat ducts.
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Vacuum controlled mode selector! Possible control panel issue!! Easily tested with a Mityvac test kit. Not really a DIY project.... Don't know your skill level!
I was hoping that I found someone that had the same problem. Without tearing the dash apart I thought it might be a vacuum modulattor which directs the air flow from heater,- and defrost outlets. If someone else had the same problem perhaps they could pinpoint the issue thus avoiding removal of the dash panel which I am sure is a lot of work, from experience.
Takes about 5 minuets to remove the hvac control panel ...and I HAVE had this problem with them!!.... However you must test it to conform that is the problem!! See YouTube for a video on this... Without testing... ANY answer is no more than a best guess!!
Good luck with it!