Q: WHY CAR WILL NOT IDLE PROPERLY..... on 2004 Chrysler Sebring

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I have taken it to two Chrysler dealers and they have change all types of sensor...And when I leave the dealership it idle fine but 5 to 10 miles into driving and its stop idling.....I even drove it to Virginia from New York and took it in to a Chrysler dealer there and they suggest I change the throttle...after returning to NY I did just that and guess what...IT STILL WILL NOT IDLE PROPERLY...can anyone out there help me from experience not troubleshooting and guess work....Thanks
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will be the one thing to mind. because the car's engine is hot and shuts down.
may be a problem with the crankshaft sensor has no fault codes at all times. had the same problem MB SLK 200 Since the engine is cold will operate normally.
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