Q: why cant I pump fuel into tank on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

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every time I go to pump fuel into my van I can only get about 2/10ths of a gal. in at a time then I have to wait to pump more in its acting like its full but I know yhat its not
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This vehicle uses a system to capture fuel vapors, the venting for that system may be plugged. This would cause pressure to build up in the tank while filling and make the nozzel click off.
the gas nozzel may be in too far, try pulling it back about an inch and try again, or the seperator ball came loose and is floating on top(it's an anti siphon device,or you may have been a victim of a siphoner that used a hose and it fell in, use a flashlight and try to look down the gas inlet for the edge of the hose. either way something is causing the gas to well up and telling the pump that your tank is full. if you have kids a superball may be the culprit.
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