Q: why cant i get fire to my plugs and power to my fuel pump on 1992 Dodge Ram Van B350

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van just shut off when i looked in to problem i found fuel pump worked when i by passed it with a toggle i tested all relays , replaced cap & rotor & tested coil all were good but still no fire
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I just had the same problem. I suspect it is the timing gears and chain. If you have never replaced these, and have over 200,000 miles on van, it's a good bet it is these gears. On some models they put an Aluminium gear with nylon teeth on it as a quieting function. But over time, these nylon gears get brittle with age, and come off the teeth of the gear. This will cause the chain to loosen, and jump timing on the engine causing it to quit. Replace gears and chain, and also check in oil pan for loose nylon "Bits" that might have also been trapped in the oil sump. The sump has a screen, so the Bits should not go any further, but you will have to clean them out, or your engine will starve for oil and burn up...costing you more $$$.$$. While you have that front end apart, now is a good time to replace the water pump at the same time for good measure. Be careful about timing when installing the gears and chain...take your time...and before you know it, you will be back on the road. $50.00 on average for chain, $80.00 for kit. Double rollers are good and a little more money and will last you another 200,000 to 300,000 miles. Don't forget gaskets, and torque all bolts properly. ;-)