Q: Why are my instrument panel lights not working on 2003 Saab 9-3

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My battery died a couple weeks ago, and after i jumped it the car started right up, every thing was in working order but i noticed as i was driving home from work (i work nights) that my instrument panel lights were inop, all other lights are working, just the tach, speedo, gas, turbo, engine temp are out, looked at all the fuses (they are all good) tried messing with the "night panel" button, even tried adjusting the settings in the CID for what i wanted to be eluminated, and last but not least tried the dimmer switch, NOTHING seems to work, a few people i talked to said to replace the battery, did that, still no lights, and with further messing with stuff noticed that some settings in the CID are not there, im thinking of taking it to someone with a techII to see what it says, and just today while driving to work the check engine light came on, also i find when i first start the car the dash lights will blink on for a split second then nothing.... love this car but its sooo finakey, and expensive to fix,,, anyone have any ideas?
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