Q: Why are my back tires leaning? on 2005 Nissan Altima

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My car spun out of control causing the back of the car to slam into the guardrail. The car wasn't totalled but my back tired are now tilted in. What is the problem and how much should it cost to get fixed?
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I agree with Matt. Something is badly bent. May be best to have an alignment shop check the car first to see how out of specification the camber and other alignment figures are. They may refer you to a body shop to ensure the chassis is not damaged or bent.
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The rear axle in a 05 Altima is a beam type axle and is probably bent, good news there is that you may be able to replace that relatively cheap if you get a friend to help you retrieve one from a wrecking yard. This part will be expensive from the dealer. The front suspension is more complex and expensive to replace. Bring your car for a steering alignment see what they say is bent or if the chassis has sustained damage. To fully inspect and access damage the car may need to go to a body shop and have the car put on a frame jig. Ask if the car is safe to drive!!!!!
What is a chassis? and do u think it has something to do with the axle? How much would it estimate about if it was da axle?
The car could have bent a rim, or damaged a lower a arm, or even broke a rear strut, if you take a close look underneath and see nothing different than the other side chances are you just bent a rim, a new steel rim is usually about 60-80 dollars
You almost certainly broke or damaged some suspension components. I couldn't tell you how much to expect to pay without knowing how extensive the damage is. Best to have a good shop take a look and tell you specifically what needs to be replaced.
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