Q: Why am I in limp mode after jumpstarting 2004 Titan. At check light on code p072 on 2004 Nissan Titan

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After leaving lights on over night my battery died. After jump starting truck the correct way my Att check light came on and the titan is in limp mode (only gesr 3 or 4). I scanned some codes and cleared them but the code p0720 vehicle speed sensor keeps coming back. I have seen many questions about this on net but no fixes. I don't want to replace the vss a/t if that's not gonna be the fix. I also reset the ecu and ipdm. Neither helped. Also tested every fuse and checked power and amps to fuses, battery and wire harness going to tranny. Need help bad please. I can't risk driving and burning up tranny. Also if I do replace the vss do I have to drop tranny or is it accessible.
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Try disconnecting the battery and leaving it disconnected while you use a battery charger to charge the battery reconnect the battery erase codes (they should be gone anyway with loss of battery power). Alldata (a company that provide information to aftermarket repair shops does not give a good test procedure that does not include using the dedicated Nissan scan tool.
Re check the 10 Amp fuse #14,
I don't even see a wiring diagram for the VSS, usually they are at the end of the transmission, one wire will put out a small increasing a/c voltage as you drive the vehicle.
Look at
or see if Nissan have a parts manual on line so you can see where the Vss is located in relation to the transmission.
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