Q: Why am I having starting issues again 2 months after replacing the starter? on 2002 Infiniti G20

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After a few struggles, it finally fired up this time. Almost sounds like it was struggling to get fuel. Its not the battery or alternator. I went ahead and changed the fuel filter, cleaned up the battery, the terminals, and checked the grounds. I did have the check engine light on at the time, but the manufacturer's code said it was a small emissions leak. Could these problems be related? The car has started every time since changing the fuel filter today, but the true test will be letting it sit overnight and trying in the morning, as that was the same situation when it last wouldn't start. If I have to I'll change the fuel pump but would like to check all other possibilities first. I did run it on E for a little too long prior to my last fuel up before the starting problem. Obviously that's not a good idea but have been told that could have led to the problem. The car has roughly 95000 miles on it and I bought 2 1/2 years ago with 51000 miles. I would be very appreciative of any insight, advice, or suggestions.
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