Q: Why a big price difference for engine coolant flush service? on 2001 Toyota Sienna

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Dobbs (local chain store mechanic) is advertising $45 for cooling system drain & refill service. This is less than half of RepairPal's estimate ($115-152). Why is the big difference in price? Should I go to the Toyota dealer for the service to be sure things done correctly? It is charging $192.

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Drain and refill is self explanatory, they drain the old coolant out of the system then refill it with new! A coolant system flush is done using a machine to flush out and clean the system before adding new coolant back to it! Big difference in the process as you can see. That is the reason for the big difference in price! Personally i like the first method (D&R) but it's up to you.
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While its not as critical with a 2001 as it is with many of the newer models, all engine coolants are not created the same. Your Toyota should get a long life antifreeze now because the specifications have been revised, however it should not get any antifreeze that has silicates in it and most of the "less expensive" brands of typical green antifreeze do have silicates which can cause problems for your Toyota. You don't have to go to a dealer for this service, but you do need to be sure that who ever does it uses a product that meets your cars specs.