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Q: Who can I blame for my truck dying? It never showed me that it was overheating. on 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

As I was driving my truck on the freeway, all of a sudden the truck started making a strange grinding sound, as I would push on the gas pedal, the truck would give me less and less power. I eased my way off of the freeway and as i exited the freeway my truck died. When i would try to start it, it made a wheezing sound and wouldn't start. The mechanic said that the thermostat housing had a small leak in it, leading to my truck overheating without letting me know. The temperature gauge in the truck never went above normal temperature. What can I do?
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there is nobody to blame for this. it is your vehicle.
with self serve gas today, the days of hoods going up to check fluids is gone with the full service gas stations. this is the price we all pay for this. we never check any of our fluids till there is a problem and by then something has gone very wrong.
when a vehicle overheats, the temp guage is your only indicator. if your coolant went down that low, the guage should have risen up to the danger zone or higher.
you need to get an estimate for the overheating. sounds like you blew a head gasket which will get very pricy.

The trucks a ford explorer sport trac by the way. And, the engine was totally fried. The valves were bent, piston shaft was charred. It needs a new/used and rebuilt engine and. I took very good care of my truck, and the fluids were checked less than 2 months before it died. I even kept the engine compartment clean so that I could see any leaks if they occured, but the place it was leaking from was under the plastic cover for the fuel intake. I was hoping ford had a recall or something that I didn't know about. $2800 down the drain. Thanks ford. I'll never buy another ford again.
2 months is still a long time from checking fluids as a leak can occur anytime without warning. they also occur on all vehicles, not just fords, anyway, i researched ford tsb on the sport trac and found nothing in re calls. lots of tsb but nothing on coolant leaks

Sorry. by the way, 2800 sounds like a good price for a used motor installed.

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