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Q: Who are the helpful people there? I want to tell them what happened. on 2005 Nissan Frontier

Oil pressure reading high.
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Just in case you don't see a reply to another member-put on oil pressure switch,reading down low. Jiffy Lube Tech said, take it off and put it back on.Done deal.

After still getting points for you helpful peoples-made my son put an oil pressure switch on and the gauge read bottom low. Was talking to a mechanic at Jiffy Lube and he said," Take that thing off and put it back on." Did it and everything back to normal.
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Sounds like the connector wasn't making good contact, that will keep the gauge from working alright. Well Merry Christmas to and yours.
Professor G,Tim at Jiffy Lube said,"No cost for common sense,cook me a chocolate cake for my birthday Jan 2nd."
I spoke to him about a faulty oil filter so he asked me what was going on.
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You said low and we usually check the connections to ensure they are good, so when we assume the install is good, then that leaves either the new sender is bad, which we do get bad parts, or some crud has gotten into the end of the sender opening, causing it to not read the oil pressure correctly. That's why when someone else does the install, we start from scratch and check it all to make sure there is not another problem. If we could have spoke in person, you might have said something a little different and I could have questioned you a little different, and we could have come up with the same conclusion. When you type something, and then I get a chance to read it, then I ask something, then I have to wait for you to respond the next day, it's easy to loose your train of thought one particular problem, after working on 3-10 other problems on other vehicles I have been working. All of us here have a lot of common sense, and it really helps when you can visit with the customer face to face. By the way, do you think we get paid for this? We just offer our time and try to help, and you said pressure low, not that the pressure is bottom low, meaning you showed no oil pressure. That would be a no brainer, it's not plugged in right . Thanks for all the information.
Professor G, I know you are busy. The part about the common sense was pointing to my son (non mechanic) for not knowing if it didn't work take it off and put it back on.I called Jiffy Lube thinking the oil filter could have been the fault,,,then he asked the whats and I told him and said, "Take it off and put it back on."
Please forgive me for you thinking I was talking about you. I might be brave but not that brave. I have your phone number and I was going to call and extend a voice thank you.If I do now there might be a tool pointing at me.(:).Forgive me please.
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I will have no tools pointing at you. I just take my job serious, and want to help with the correct answer. I didn't get the complete information, then you posted it again, and got the same response from someone else. Then you posted who are the helpful people, and answered one with the correction, and posted me the differently, then told me the fix. It just seemed odd, and I guess I should left it alone. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Alright. I was getting answers from you and Greg's Orange Auto.Pointed tool if I called you was to be a joke.
Take time and enjoy this Christmas and coming year with those special in your life.
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