Q: whitesmoke after driven on 2000 Volkswagen Passat

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thought i would change oil still whitesmoke changed oil due to oil pressure light warning whats next
(2) Answers
i am dealing with oil light as well i find that the wires lose on oil level sensor wires were lose but happens every three drive cycles but my engine has right amount of oil, 1 thing to check is your oil a 502.00 if driving 2.8 then a synthetic blend as long as it is 502.00 grade oil, research your car about oil screen issue if not driving with a 1998-2005 2.8l v6, these years have better wide intake for oil into pump. NOTE if you get low oil light check oil. NOTE if your engine makes noises that sound like engine you most likely actually have a clogged oil pump screen and not just a faulty sensor. a clogged oil pump screen can blow your engine it's a easy fix don't drive till you fix it. if you have a v6 2.8 you most likely have a bad sensor or wrong oil type. white smoke is the starvation of oil so i would fix you oil pump screen or just replace oil pump. engine flush would help from this issue for 40-60k miles flush will clean out oil build ups.otherwise known as deposits.
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