Q: White smoke from the exhaust pipe. on 1992 Acura Legend

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When I start my car there is white smoke that comes out of the exhaust, the car itself rides great. However, we are not the orginial owners of the car and we are definitely not sure why there is white smoke. But once it runs for about 5-10 minutes the smoke goes away. We've changed the oil and checked all other fluids, what do you think is causing the white smoke?
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Black smoke emitted from the exhaust is excess fuel, blueish /grey smoke is smoke generated by oil passing through the engine usually past the valve guide seals or piston rings. (Usually if you have blue/grey smoke out the exhaust in the morning or a start from dead cold it is the valve guides that are weak
White smoke is usually a head gasket issue that would be accompanied by a loss of coolant and may even smell slightly sweet.
It is normal for condensation to be emitted from the exhaust on initial statr up.
If you are not having to top up the coolant, have no over heating issues, no excess fuel consumption and no loss of oil, you probably have nothing to worry about. If you are concerned. Park your car at a repair shop over night, go there in the morning and start the car with the looking at the smoke emitted and ask them if it appears normal?