Q: white smoke from exhaust on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

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I was following my son in his 2005 2.5 5 cyl Jetta and there was a lot of white/grey smoke coming out of the exhaust, it got worse when he accelerated. There are no engine lights on, nor any overheating. It was down about a half quart of oil. The car only has 65K on it, could it be the head gasket? The engine cover(?) was replaced a couple of months ago due to loud squealing. The dealer said it had to be replaced right away to avoid a bigger problem. This white smoke seems like a big problem. Any smaller problems it could be? Can I drive it to the shop?
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if its NOT a deisel, its possably a head gasket. i just went through this on my pontiac sunfire, it progresivly got worse to the point where i had to add WATER; not antifreeze (antifreeze can harm the rings) check the coolant level to see if it goes down
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