Q: White smoke coming out of exhaust, smells like coolant and it overheated on 2000 GMC Sonoma

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I just bought this truck from someone and those are the problems on the truck. Previous owner thinks that it has a blown head gasket. But he said that there is white smoke coming from the exhaust and it smells like coolant, he took it to Firestone and had a radiator and thermostat put in and it over heated the same day. Any advice?
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There is a very good chance that the truck has a blown head gasket. Need to get it to a shop and have it prperly diagnosed. I would have thought that the Firestone shop would have done this before charging a customer $ to make a repair that they probably knew would not completely fix it.
How much am I looking at to have it repaired at garage? I do have mechanical experience but not a whole lot with repairing something like this. This will be the first time I replaced a blown head gasket, so how hard would it be to repair myself?
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