Q: whirring sound from engine on 2007 Volvo C70

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whirring sound (like a sqeaking belt) coming from the engine when engine is warm and in idle, and stops (or diminshes considerably) when accelerating. The check engine light is on. Any ideas before I take it to the dealer?
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it is impossible to diagnose problems like this without a physical inspection. someone will also need to determine why the check engine light is on. why would you take it to the dealer?? ask other owners who is the local Volvo independent shop.
shopping around for a local shop now that car is out of warranty. Any recommendations in the Raleigh/Durham NC area?
hi there , could you please tell me if you found out what the problem was with your car as i now have the same problem with mine , thanks
Yes. It was a "flame trap and hose" problem related to the oil filter housing which luckily Volvo had on extended warranty. Hope you can benefit from the warranty as well.
Thanks all. The problem in my C70 was a "flame trap and hose problem related to the oil filter housing" which Volvo had on extended warrantly. You may want to proactively check on this while the warranty might still be active.
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