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Q: Whining noise when touching the throttle! (Daewoo Matiz Se Plus 2000) on 2000 Chevrolet Venture

I have a Daewoo Matiz Se Plus (2000) I've had to put it under chevrolet as my car is not listed on the scroll bar above! At the moment my little car seems to be making a whining noise, which can be heard from inside the car just under my accelerator pedal in the foot-well. This noise can be heard when i build up the revs/speed and accelerate through the gears but seems to get quieter when at a steady speed in 4th gear! It becomes less prominant when i take my ease my foot off the throttle.I also don't seem to get much power when i have my foot on the throttle and it seem to be struggling. Recently i've had new brake calipers on both front wheels as they were binding and new HT leads. My alternator belt shreded a couple of weeks ago because the owner of my car before me didn't change it when it was suppose to be changed :( so i had a new one put on plus a new drive belt! This new alternator belt then started slipping & squeeling so i had it re-tensioned by a mechanic but from the minuit it left the garage i've had a whining noise instead of the squeeling- when i drive the car! I don't think its coming from the gearbox as the gearbox is the other side of my car and get no noise coming from the gearstick!I love my car but im starting to get puzzled now! Please does anyone have any ideas on what this could now be? Also do new belts smell a bit within the first 200 miles as im getting a small rubber smell in my engine near the belts!
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You might have the alternator checked. The bearings may be bad. Alternators sometimes whine when they are going bad. The alternator should be warm after running not hot. If it is hot you should have the alternator rebuilt.
Thanks for your answer and your help. I wondered if maybe it was my alternator as the noise seems to be coming from under my footwell but i wondered if maybe the belts were still wrongly tensioned.Next time i run it i will have a feel of the alternator to see if it feels hot, maybe this is where the smell comes from! Thanx again.
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