Q: while im driving i go to pick up speed and my rpms just drop but car stays on on 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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when i go to tap the gas pedal the rpms come back up like normal, but at about 2 to 3000 rpms its does it again and i have to tap the gas peddle twice for the rpms to jump back please take NOTE the car doesn't turn off someone PLEASE HELP im very frustrated about this jeep.
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I dont no what you meant by surge but the check engine is on but it cut off once in a while. I was thinking it was the spark plugs and or coil pack but i dont want to buy the coil pack if i dont have to please help
when i got the car a friend of mine that lives in south carolina that is a chrysler jeep specalist said i have a misfire in the #3 cylinder but when i took it to the dealership close to me i had work done on the transmission everything they did do was put in a solenoid-trans govenor, sensor-pressure, filter-valve body, added fluids and lastly gasket-oil pan, they did not say anything about the #3 cylinder but said in need of back to back seals,valve cover gasket,air filter, and lastly diagnose medium evap leak. but when my friend said i had a misfire we hooked up his code reader but i forgot the actual code for the misfire. i real appreciate you try to help me but what do you thing?
have someone check your crank sensor or cam sensor. my jeep did the same thing and it was a sensor(crank).
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