Q: Which Automatic Transmission Fluids Interchange with Pentosin on 2001 BMW 330Ci

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My 2001 BMW 330ci is due for a transmission fluid and filter change. The dealer recommends Pentosin fluid, which is quite expensive. Do any of the Mercon/Dextrons interchange with Pentosin?
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Transmissions are the most tempermental component in any car...You do not want to use anything other than what is recommended...the high price is part of owning a BMW. I have seen leaks develop in transmissions after one week of a trans service using the wrong fluid. Then it gets expensive.
The different fluids are very different, interchanging them is like putting 20W-50 in a car that requires 10W-30...the pumps wont pump at high efficiency, the fluid won't flow as the component requires for lubrication and temperature, and the filter will not work at high efficiency.
Hope this helps