Q: Where should I start to find the problem for no heat and underbody collant leak on 1993 Dodge Caravan

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My heater worked fine. Then a hose started leaking, the one that comes out of the firewall. Someone cut it off and plugged it for me. The part of hose they cut off had a valve in it. When I bought the hose to fix it, the guy helping me noticed it was leaking where the coolant lines had rusted out, where the bracket held them to the underbody, so he had me take the hose I had purchased back and exchange it for several feet of a generic type hose that he ran all the way down to where the leaks were in the underbody lines. There, he cut out the bad places and then just connected the new hose. I think he must've done something wrong though, because the heater still does not work and the van is still losing water. I'd like to add that the heater did not work even when the van was full of coolant, so it's more than just being low on fluid. I'm no mechanic, but I can follow directions if someone would please help me with figuring this out. For instance, I am wondering if the valve that was cut out is a necessary part for the heater to work? Thank you for your help.
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