Q: Where rae the fuel pump relays located on the 1995 Lincoln Mark V111 on 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

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I went to a gas station and pumped $10.00 worth of gas into the Lincoln. I went back home which is a mile. When I went out to start the car the next day the engine turned over good, but acted like it was out of gas.I think a relay must have gone out, but I am not sure where the relay is except the red button switch located on the left inside of the truck. The red button was ok. Email- eagleowl
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Did the engine crank over like a lack of compression? Or did it crank over normal, just no start?

There are three possible relays / fuses under the hood in the power distribution box. One is at the bottom right - the fuel pump relay. A second one that contributes is a fuse - top middle (says 'ignition coil'). A third is 5th spot down on left - EEC/VCRM fuse.

I would run a fuel pressure test and recheck.