Q: Where is transmission filter on 2012 accord V6 Auto trans? Should it be replaced on 2012 Honda Accord

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How often should transmission filter be changed on 2012 accord V6? Two Dealers stated I shouldn't bother and just change fluid every 30K miles. Seems fishy. Then independent quoted almost $500 do flush trans and swap filter. Is it that hard?
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don't need to flush it.. even on the older hondas,you only did a drain and fill. believe me,i have owned several,,flushing will cause you problems on a honda,,and an independent shop taking a Honda Transmission apart will cause you grief..the first thing i did when i bought my hondas was read the owners manual in the dash,not just sections,the whole manual..if any of them did not have an owners manual,i ordered one off of should have one with the car being that new..independent must be hungry.>>Notes: Caution: Transmission disassembly is required to install the transmission filter. OEM #25420-R36-003...