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Q: where is the water pump located on a 2003 Buick LeSabre? on 2003 Buick LeSabre

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my car over heated and I'm trying to determine if it's the water pump. The serpentine belt is on and working fine and the pulley that I think is connected to the water pump seems to be okay.
If the car overheated and the belt is fine, then the water pump is not the problem if you don't hear any noise coming from it AND if you don't have coolant leaking. More than likely, the thermostat is the culprit.

You HAVE checked to ensure that the coolant level is correct?

You weren't stuck in traffic, were you?

Answer #3 is correct in the approximate location - passenger side of the engine. With the serpentine belt removed, the pulley on the water pump can be turned to see whether it is rough or has too much play (which means the bearings are bad).

Another reason for overheating could be a bad fan that doesn't pull cooler air though the radiator. The fan motor can be replaced without too much trouble. My 2003 LeSabre has two of these fans.
Best to have your cooling system diagnosed by a shop before further engine damage occurs, You can locate a shop near you here and check repair prices once you know what needs replacement here
I think that most of them are behind the timing cover. Dumb as putting the battery under the back seat.
the engine is mounted transverse on these cars. the water pump is on the passenger side which is the front of the engine block.
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