Q: where is the thottle position sensor located on a 2000 satrun ls2 6 cyl. on 2000 Saturn LS2

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I have taken off the throttle body but cant seem to find anywhere
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On the throttle body opposite of the throttle actuator. Black in color two screws holding it on, wire connector hooked to it.
No as i said it is screwed onto the throttle body, not part of the TB. It can be replaced as a separate part.
See first answer!
thanks, but if you look at a pic of the 2000 LS2 3.0 TB you will see that it may be all one unit. I have the 3 prong repacement part from the auto store but could not find anything that would look like that.
My bad i thought i saw a 96 year mod. Must have answered the wrong question.
What ever!
changed the MAF already . getting a P0123 and a p0222 also a p0405 readout. can you tell me what the VAF is also.
Hey, Thanks for your help BTW
You need a scanner with live data screen to monitor tps,maf,egr values.
Code(s) do not mean a certain part is bad but a circuit or sensor is showing
undesirable readings.