Q: Where is the tcm on an 01 Dakota 2wd 3.9. It is not located on the radiator on 2002 Dodge Dakota

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I just purchased this 01 Dakota 3.9 2wd. It has a tranny cooler. It came with a replacement tcm, and the previous owner stated that the tcm needed to be replaced. All the forums and books say that the tcm is located on the passenger side radiator support. I found a diagram to be sure I was not missing anything. It is not there, and there are no wires or indications that it was ever there. Where would it be located if it is not on the radiator support? I purchased this from an estate sale as the previous owner died, the truck came with a new tcm, but I can not find the location of the tcm to swap it. Any help would be great. Thanks
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