Q: where is the pcv valve located and how to change it successfully on 2005 Dodge Durango

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my dodge durango check engine light is on and engine somtimes stalls or sputters i have 163000 miles and i know the pcv valve needs changed because im having oil in my air filter
(2) Answers
If you have the 5.7L hemi engine on the '05 Durango like me, then the PCV valve is behind and left of the trottle body (as viewed looking into the engine). It is mounted flush in the manifold with internal tubing. A 1/4 turn and it comes out vertical and may take a strong turn to break the seat. Tip; remove the air intake housing in front of the trottle body. You could order one from the dealer so you know what the exposed top part looks like.
If you have the 4.7 it is located in the oil filler neck. If you have AC in it you will have to remove the air cleaner housing to get to it. Remove the hose going to it then turn the PCV counter clockwise a 1/4 turn and it should slide right out. My light kept coming on and in replacing my PCV I noticed that the hose was cracked. Napa has universal hose that work just fine for that.