Q: Where is the motor to the convertible top located it won't go down on 1997 Audi Cabriolet

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The switch does not work maybe the motor is out.
(3) Answers
Could be many things. Here is what I went through: 1. The wiring harnesses at the trunk hinges were broken. I fixed those. 2. The ignition switch was bad, messing up electronic systems all over the car. 3. The convertible switch in the center console was bad. Replaced that, now thing works perfectly.
the top motor is in the lower right trunk below the floor covering. the top will not release unless the trunk is closed and locked. often the wire harness in the trunk hinge breaks or the trunk lock motor binds. i would check these after you make sure the fuses are good. also check for oil under the spare. sometimes the top reservoir leaks, no oil, no op.