Q: where is the linkage from transmission to drive lever on 1999 Dodge Caravan

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car has no reverse and only goes in drive for 5 minutes
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GEARSHIFT CABLE REMOVAL: Remove cable eyelet attachment from transaxle operating lever pin. Using pliers, squeeze ears of cable conduit attachment at mounting bracket and push through hole to remove.
Remove the under instrument panel silencer. At the steering column attachment, remove the cable eyelet attachment from the shift lever pin.
Using pliers, squeeze ears of cable attachment at mounting bracket then push through hole to remove. Unseat the dash grommet and remove the cable from the vehicle. ADJUSTMENT: Lift and rotate the gearshift hand lever into the park (P) gate position and remove the ignition key. This confirms the shift lever is in the gated park (P) position. After confirming the park gate position, turn the ignition switch. If the starter will operate, the park gate position is correct. Move the shift lever into the neutral (N) position. If the starter will operate in this position, the linkage is properly adjusted. If the starter fails to operate in either position, linkage adjustment is required.

You're describing the common sequence of events for complete transmission failure in a Chrysler product. You will lose reverse then 1st, then you are walking.
please let me know what it is wrong with my car 2010 dodge journey Se automatic 4 cylinders 4.400km only
early in the morning car it is cold when shifting from Park to reverse it makes an audible clicking noise but at normal driving temperature when shifting again no noise
please respond my e-mail