Q: where is the intake manifold gasket(s) located on the 2000 model chrysler300m on 2000 Chrysler 300M

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i recently had a problem with cylinders 5 and 6 misfiring.i replaced all the plugs and installed 2 new ignition coils on cylinders 5 and still skips and misfires.someone gave and answer on repair pal that it could be the intake gasket(s)and also to check the fuel trim
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Connect a vacuum gauge to the intake system and look for pulsing at the low rpms. The pulse could indicate a bad gasket (intake manifold or head gasket)or buned valves.
If there is no variation on the vacuum gauge reading, I would check the fuel injectors.
The only sure way to check the intake manifold gaskets is to remove the intake manifold. If you don't know where the gaskets are, you should not pull the intake manifold off. Leave it to someone who knows what he is doing.