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Q: Where is the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor located in my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt? on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

V6 3.8L 2DR Coupe
My car suddenly began having problems. It starts fine & stays on for a few seconds then suddenly just stops sort of like a loss of fuel but without all the putting. Like a drainage of some sort. I can hear the fuel pump working so I assume it could be a relay or sensor. I cannot find where the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is even located?? could you help me? any advice would be greatly appreciated. again, I am guessing here. Pure speculation but I still need to know where its at though. Thank you. God bless!
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Another possibility is the oil pressure switch. If Engine starts and runs a few seconds then dies this could be your problem. Fuel pump comes on for a few seconds to start car, then the fuel pump circuit is thorough the oil pressure switch. This is so if you loose oil pressure, car will shut down and engine will not be ruined.
Happen to know anything I can do here at home myself to verify the problem is in fact in the oil pressure switch? Or is there anything that yr aware of that I could do at home to verify if it even the fuel pump relay or fuses? any suggestions???
As far as I can tell there is no check engine light staying on other then the start up where everything comes on to show their working. Of course I cannot get it to stay on very long but no, it wasnt present beforehand. now I do remember my security light & air bag lights flashing before hand a few days or possibly even a week before this. This was odd, because they were not on or flashing anytime before this past week or so. I am also due for an oil change but other then that, the oil levels look good, maybe 1/2 a quart low at worse Because my car is older, I do need an alignment & have had some problems with the front end such as replacing the inner tie rods a couple yrs ago & replacing the wheel bearings about 6 months or more ago. The engine has been superb! I have only had to give oil changes, spark plugs, wires etc & I have only had to replace the battery & just recently a bout 2-3 months ago the alternator. This car has literally out lasted & out performed every single car I have ever had. It has been a true soldier & usually things have been fixable & reasonable which is why I am praying this too will be the same. now I do believe the alignment problems have caused some damage to my passenger side outer tie rod & possibly my driver side ball bearing or something like that & I thought this was actually causing my sensors to start triggering when I would hit big pot holes etc. But as far as whatever this is, I am just not sure... what do you think considering I just gave yu a run down o this cars past history??? thx everyone for all yr help!! God bless & love u all.
ps. I did just watch a video about the MAF & MAP sensors so I do know where they are & exactly what they do now. These seem fairly easy to change) could they be related to this incident?
Unplug it to see if it changes anything! After that try to find some hands-on help from a car guy.
good luck with it!
should I just try unplugging the MAF (mass air flow) sensor or try unplugging both, one at a time to see?? Hey & thank you so much for all of yr help. I really do appreciate it. I used to have myy brother who was an awesome mechanic but one of them giant jacks that u lift a car up in, in a shop fell on him with the car on it & he is disabled now so Im pretty much on my own now. Thank u again for everything!!!
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The sensor in in the fuel pump module, but it only works with the EVAP test. IT reads the vacuum on an EVAP test only, Check your fuel filter.
Thank you so much for this.I was honestly worried about ripping that out to replace the sensor. Do you know if one of my fuses to the fuel pump or a relay could be blown? Would this cause my car to die after being started successfully & without other problems such as rugged or choppy sounds etc.?? I mean, this car was just running great up until yesterday & never gave any kind of warning or signs of say a fuel pump going out or what not. It was fine the day before & the next day its started fine ran for a few seconds & it actually will still start & run for a few secs but then just stops promptly. What do you think? any suggestions or advice??
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The fuel pump in many cases will not give a warning, but if the fuel filter is stopped up, it will be the sign that the fuel pump could have gotten worn to the point it won't pump enough fuel. You said you heard the pump running, but a pressure test would be the way to test it.
So would it be safe to say that if I can hear the pump turning on & off & now I know that the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor could not be the culprit, what else could it be? I really could use some info, advice, & help. Im a poor person so I dont have the luxury of dropping my car off blindly & not having to worry about the outcome. I need to know as much as I can so I can determine whether or not Im even able to afford taking the car in, unfortunately. This is why Im researching this & taking all this time to ask for opinions, I really need this help. I need to know how serious this is & if this is an easy or difficult fix. Getting closer to those answers is a must. It may be the deciding factor of this cars very life. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I appreciate yr knowledge, experience, & patience!! God bless.
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As I stated the pump pressure needs to be checked. Just because running doesn't mean it is pumping enough. That's the way to verify it.
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If you can check and or change the filter first, blow through it to see how restricted it is.
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The fuel tank sensor only work for the EVAP system it is NOT part of controlling the fuel pump The sensor check the gas tank to make sure we dont let any gas fumes get out by do a pressure test is the fuel tank, there can be several cause to the start and stall To save you $ on trying to fix this your self. Bring the car to Bills On Broadway and we will fine the cause and Quote the repair
Thanks Bill
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