Q: Where is the fuel injector located? on 2003 Mazda MPV

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Looking to replace the fuel injector on our MPV. Would like help locating it. Thank you!
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I'm sure you have check engine light on. Do as the Professor has said. Try to get a real scan with a real full enhanced scanner. With a real scanner one will be able to look at the serial data. This info is just as important as the trouble codes.
I'm not sure which one is causing the problem. So I'd like to start by replacing the most accessible ones first.
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You would more then likely have to pull them all to change 1 injector, because you have to pull the fuel rail to access them. I really think there could be another problem. Have you had it scanned for codes, if you can get the codes, post them so we can help direct you.
Okay, thank you. I'm going to have it scanned tomorrow at a local repair shop, I'll be sure to post the codes once I have them. Thank you for your help!
Here's the code: P0431
We just purchased this van last week. :(

Before purchasing we had it diagnosed and checked by a trusted mechanic. Today it was checked by the same mechanic and he mentioned that the catalytic converter is not functioning properly. It sounds like its the forward one on the #2 cylinder. Right at the exhaust manifold.
Hi Professor, We had our regular mechanic check it out, looks like it needs a new head gasket. We've owned the vehicle for 13 days. :(
Do you recommend Blue Devil or a full head gasket replacement?
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Redo it right the first time. Have the heads checked and surfaced. Should be good to go.
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