Q: where is the fuel filter on a 1990 celica with 2.2 engine on 1990 Toyota Celica

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where is the fuel filter on 1990 celica
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The fuel filter is located between the brake booster/master cylinder and the air filter housing. The air ducting from the air filter housing to the the intake manifold needs to be removed. The top banjo bolt head size is 17mm, the filter is secured to the chassis leg with two
bolts that have a 10mm head size, but the the fuel line at the bottom of the fuel filter is held in place by a difficult to get at 14mm fitting that may be tight and is easily damaged. Before attempting replacement see if you can loosen this first from under neath the car, behind the drivers wheel, if you can't loosen this don't go any further! If you are still determined by a 14mm flare wrench.
could you help me with my 1990 celica. it idles fine i just replaced the tps and still idles fine but when ever i hit the gas it will go to about 2500 rpm and just dead loss of power any ideas please?????? has a guide online This should help.