Q: Where is the fuel filter located ? on 1994 Honda Passport

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Ran out of gas, re-fueled with about 5 gallons and now passport won't start. I feel I may have clogged fuel filter with tank sediment.
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Thats entirely possible. However, most fuel filters/screens are attached to and part of the fuel pump and sender unit located in the fuel tank. It is possible that your vehicle has an in-line fuel filter as well.
Most likely though, the fuel pump itself may have burned up and quit. The pump is liquid-cooled by the gas in the tank. By running the tank low/empty, (especially if you do this frequently) its possible the pump has quit altogether.
Thanks Tyreguy! Yeap, just talked to another friend about that very same subject. I guess it's a sign of the times and gas prices today that more of the commuter population will be running a little more closer to empty because you can only stretch a household budget just so far! . So fair warning folks this seems to be the case with in- tank fuel pumps rely on the gas to cool them so take note and make the new empty at least a quarter tank of Gas!
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