Q: where is the EGR vavle located i need to know exactly on 2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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when i take off the truck has no power and it smokes really bad i got them to test it and them codes come up
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Be very cautious - your concern sounds significantly more in depth than just an EGR valve.

The 6.0L PowerStroke Diesel has several common concerns that are rather elaborate. The symptom you are describing is down one of a couple different paths. You could have a leaking EGR cooler and/or engine oil cooler. The P0401, P2263 or similar codes would come up with this issue. Another major issue that can cause your problems is "coking" or build up of fuel/oil residue in the EGR system and several other areas (Turbo, etc) can restrict exhaust gas flow and cause major driving issues and smoking. For this issue, you need to clean out the coking of all components, and try to add some Cetane boost for a while, as it will burn the fuel more completely and reduce coking. There is also a baffle kit for the EGR system to be installed to reduce coking if this is the issue.

Either way, the concern is quite complex and I strongly recommend an experienced 6.0L technician diagnose and repair your truck. Good luck.
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