Q: where is the ecu I just tried the MAP test .. engine stalls below 1000rpm on 2000 Honda Accord

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just replaced fuel pump asmb. found trash and sand in tank .. cleaned tank and use fuel system cleaner
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What is the "map test". Need the trouble code.
before you replaced the fuel pump what was the fuel pressure and volume?
What type of fuel cleaner have you used?
I read if you pull the MAP wire and there is not change in the idle then the map sensor is ok. The fuel tank had 1/2 gal of black sand?? and the pump and screen were rusty and caked with trash. vac clean the tank and replaced the fuel pump, intank filter, and screen,
as to cleaner in tank fuel I used Seafoam? had the car tested AZone code show missfire randon on all cyl. I have replaced wires, cap rotor, plugs. I had a new program key made however it wouldnt start car
could it have killed the ecu?? note car runs cranks and runs rough, then smooths out run ok then loses power and starts missing bad, after several minutes will let me limp home with low power. Have pulled battery for 24hrs to try and reset computer still have issues,,

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