Q: where is the drain plug for changing out antifreeze? on 2003 Buick Century

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has not been changed out by the prior owner since 2006. Tvehicle only has 35k miles. Has been a very good car.
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My service information does not specificity show where the petcock is located on the radiator of your 2003 Buick Century. It does say however that is has one, some late model vehicles do not! You will need to find it yourself. It must be located at the bottom, on one side or the other, in one of the plastic side tanks. If you cannot find it perhaps there is not one - it would not be the first time the service information is incorrect - if necessary you can always drain the coolant by removing the lower hose at the radiator. If you do find it turning counter-clockwise should loosen it and clockwise to tighten - standard threads.
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