Q: Where is oil pressure switch located on the engine ? 4.3l V8 engine. on 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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Guage is pegged on high.
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No 4.3L engine option for the Suburban! You most likely have the 5.3L. To change this part requires special tools, some knowledge and skill that most diy persons do not have. It is located at the rear of the intake manifold next to the firewall atop the engine block. Fairly inaccessable without proper tools and skill. Suggest having this work performed by a mechanic or a car savvy buddy. It is most likely your problem though!
It is 5.3l. (fat fingers). Thank you for the answer. will have to climb in there, pull the top and look to see if I can reach it.
Lol! Them fat fingers aint going to help, i have the same problem! You might be very capable of doing the swap i just had no way to know, you need a special socket for sure. It is sticking straight up back there with a wire connector pluged into the top of it. Just thought, go to youtube and enter this in the sesrch bar, bet there is a video!! Most all Chevy. 'V' engings are like this. Even the 4.3L come to think of it.