Q: where is compressor located for airbags on 1997 Lincoln Town Car

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air compressor not kicking on
(1) Answer
If you air compressor is not working, something must have killed it. You could have a leak in one of your air bags or in your air lines. There are so many things that can go wrong with the air system. On my Lincoln, I replaced the compressor two times and bought new air bags for it in the front too. It still kept going down. Turned out there were holes all through the lines. It was going to cost me a whole lot of money . I was given a quote of almost $2000!

My wife told me she saw a commercial for When I called them they were very nice and helpful. I got a non air conversion kit for my vehicle and I love it!! I saved a bunch of money and that made my lady happy too.

If your having problems now with your ride they may keep getting worse. Catch it while you can and call
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