Q: where Exactly do I find the air Pump check Valve? on 1998 Volvo S70

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I have narrowed it down to the Air Pump CHECK Valve that needs to be replaced on my 98 Volvo S70 GLT but I cannot find where it is located! I have read that if water makes it into the Air Pump- the culprit is more than likely the Air Pump Check Valve.
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Hi, this is an odd question. Hoe can you have diagnosed the system and narrowed it down to a specific part, yet not know where that part is?
Anyway, it is the silver, round item at the back of the engine, on top of the exhaust manifold. You should see a large black hose and a small purple vacuum line attached to it.
Ive already taken the air pump off and found a large amount of water in it. From what my research has shown, a faulty check valve is the cause the vast majority of the time. I know the cylinder structure that you speak of and I wasn't 100% sure that was it because I have heard of it noted as the Air pump CONTROL valve. I just need to make sure if they are the same thing or two different structures. The Air Pump Control Valve--- The Air Pump Check Valve