Q: where do you put the Freon in on the 350 engine?
on 1998 Chevrolet Express 1500

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have a 350 engine in and need to know where to charge it at
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Well you ask!
On the passenger side, there is an accumulator, a long silver 'can' looking dvice, that..... tell ya what, go to youtbe i bet there is a video! Just enter how to charge ac, it should/wil come up. Lot better than reading about it! The low side or charging port is on this accumulator, that's where you hook the charging hose!!! Check out the video though, as it will be very helpful.!
you put the charge in the receiver/dryer it is a canister that has fittng on it, it should have a yellow sticker on it that will tell you how much freon you have to put in it ,you should avacuate the system before you put freon in it