Q: where do the ignition coils get their fire from on 1997 Toyota Avalon

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after car is driven for about 30 minutes it will cut out & die, it won't start back for about 15 minutes. when it won't start it just turns over & the ign coils aren't firing. engine light is on & has a lot of random codes
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You may be having an intermittent problem with the crankshaft position sensor on your 1997 Toyota Avalon. The crankshaft position sensor sends an engine RPM signal to the engine control computer which is then used to fire the injectors and the ignition coils. The "random" codes may or may not be indicating other possible faults. If would not be a bad idea to have your car properly diagnosed by a qualified technician - I could save you money in the long run. Please use the following link to find a shop near you -