Q: where are the bleeder valves to bleed coolant? I found 1 is there more than 1? on 2005 Pontiac G6

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I have changed Thermostat & heater worked great 3 days. Then car overheated. I replaced thermostat again. code went out then had to replace (MAF) sensor. Then all codes & Ser. Eng. Light all cleared out. Heater will not blow hot or warm air. All is cold. I have bleed air from the one Purge valve that I found for 4 to 5 days now over & over. I have purchased a kit to flush out the whole coolant system But not sure of proper route with this car. Kit states to cut Inlet heater hose & place (T) valve in it. I cant find enough room to do this. Then it suggested to take the top hose off radiator. It looks as if I flush or put water into radiator. it also suggest to run car at idle while flushing till all is clear water. How or is the coolant going to circulate if I got hose off?
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Are you buying a cheap thermostat, the more expensive ones work better. When it overheated, was it low on coolant, then asking where did it go. You can only flush with radiator hose off is with a air powered flush, unless you are constantly adding back to the radiator as it flows. If your that inexperienced you should seek some help from someone who can show you or do it for you.
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